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Livia K

Singer | Songwriter


From her adolescent years "Livia K" knew she wanted to be an recording artist.

She first taught herself how to play the piano and began performing in High school, College and local talent show's.

She also started modeling & acting while in school to help pay for the cost of college.

She would then later meet platinum producer/songwriter Kingsley Gardner, (MYA, DAS EFX, DIANA KING & Billy Crawford) at an audition for a girl group he was putting together in New York City.


She performed two original songs, which she composed on her piano, eventually the two would start a new journey together 

composing songs for her new project.

 At the present time "Livia K" Has just  released her new single ,
"Rhythm of my heart" produced by Grammy Producer/Engineer Bojan Dugic.









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